operates in a wide range of research, engineering survey, design and expert work, and also carries out supervision and construction supervision in the design of hydraulic structures for the transport sector and hydropower, as well as objects of industrial and civil objects, including severely hazardous technically complex and unique objects.

The company is headquartered in Moscow, Russia.

In addition the company has been successfully functioning branch in Kaliningrad.

The company employs more than 150 employs highly qualified specialists and experts, some of whom have academic degrees  of Ph.D. and Doctors of technical sciences.

Some specialists are the owners of a number of patents in the field of hydraulic engineering constructions.

The company's specialists have successfully implemented dozens of design and survey works on the facilities located in different regions of Russia.

The constant increase of production and logistical resources, high quality of work performed in accordance with the impeccably fulfill contractual obligations in compliance with the established requirements for the product, provide the Company the ongoing development of and maintain the leading position in the market of services.

Main directions of activity

Integrated design of hydropower facilities:
  • Hydroelectric power plants and pumped storage power station;
  • Retaining walls, levees, dams;
  • Reservoirs.
Integrated design of hydraulic structures of the transport destination:
  • Port facilities and buildings;
  • Berths;
  • Shipping channels;
  • Floodgates.
Research work on water resources assessment capabilities and the possibility of construction of hydraulic structures in various geological conditions.

easibility study for the construction and operation of transport and energy sectors.

Design of auxiliary facilities
  • Pumping stations;
  • Electrical substations and transmission lines;
  • Substations;
  • Boiler rooms;
  • Sewage treatment plants;
  • Automated control and measuring system.
Performing instrumental inspection of hydraulic structures, preparation of expert opinions on the state of the hydraulic structures;

the calculation of the likely damage that may be caused to the life, health and property of individuals and legal entities as a result of failures of hydraulic structures;

Site supervision and construction

Preparation of tender documents in accordance with international standards.

Key performance indicators of the LLC “Global Port Engineering”

Total annual design works capacity (TC) – 27 million USD per year

Turnover of design works in 2015 – 21,6 million USD (80 % of TC)

The current (actual) loading in 2016 – 14,8 million USD (55 % of TC)

Reserve of design works capacity taking mind existing number and qualifications of the staff (45 % of TC)12,2 million USD (55 % of TC)

Today "Global Port Engineering" willing and able to perform engineering research and complex design of hydropower plants projects of any complexity, including the especially dangerous and technically complex objects located anywhere in Russia, as well as near and far abroad.